San Antonio is home to a limousine company that has one of the most sleek and sexy limousine fleets I have ever seen. I haven’t actually seen them in person but I have done some research on their site. Below is a photo of one of their San Antonio limos. Normally I don’t have much of an interest in limoamazing limos nor do I keep up to date with their new models and makes but when a limo looks this sick, I am interested. So if any of you are in the San Antonio area, check this company out. It seems like a good time. As I have said previously in my blog, I like performance cars. But, I also appreciate limousines to a certain extent since they promote a sense of luxury, relaxation and enjoyment. Since I share some facts with you in my last post, Awesome Car Facts I figured I would share some limo ones in this post. I mean we are already on the topic of limos so why not?

A Few Fun Limousine Facts You Probably Didn’t Know:

  1. The first limousine was built in 1902.
  2. The longest limousine that has ever been built was 100 feet and had 26 wheels.
  3. The word chauffeur comes from the French word “stoker” which means operator of a steam engine.
  4. The name limousine originated from a Limousin region in France.
  5. Limos were the first cars to adapt air conditioning!

If you have never been in a limousine I do encourage you to book one just for the experience. I know this blog is about speed, racing, and high performance cars and motorcycles but I gotta give the limousine some love. Especially after seeing some of the pictures of that San Antonio Limo Company’s fleet.

If you have questions regarding limos, how to book a limo ride or what to do in a limo feel free to email me! I would love to be of assistance.


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