I am Grayson! This is my personal blog where I will share many of my thoughts, ideas, passions, and stories. I am a speedster, meaning I like to race things and I like to go fast. So a lot of this blog will consist of sweet cars and motorcycles and other out of this world vehicles. I want to share my love for high performance vehicles with others. I figured one way to do that would be through blogging.

I am striving to work my way up in the automotive engineering industry. I know this is a humble little blog but I want you to know that I am a credible source and the information I will be posting and sharing will be legit. Just to give you an idea I plan to blog about automotive and racing trends, new technology and concepts and of course I will be sharing some sexy photos.

If you like cars or bikes even a little bit then I think you will find this blog appealing. I will be sharing news, facts, events, and other information on all types of sweet rides. Go to my main page to check out some of my recent posts. Thanks so much for tuning in! Reach out to me if you have any questions or want to share any cool information. I always love talking shop!

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